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Tiki Bar. Create It. Build It. Thatch It.

Artificial Orchid Stem with polynesian carving and tropical palm leaf thatch

Ever wanted to build your own Tiki Bar or just give your shed a makeover then look no further. This is the first in our series of new blog posts where we will explore the difference in the wide variety of Grass Thatch Roofing that we stock and how best to plan your very own makeover or tropical Tiki Bar.

If you are in the initial planning stages then you are in the right place, we would always recommend that you start with the shape of the structure you want to build and when it comes to size, use the size of the roofing material that suits your needs to help plan the size of your roof. This way you will not be retrofitting the Grass Thatch Roof to your structure which means less waste,  leftover materials and ultimately less cost, which can then be spent on the interior.

The type of structure you are covering or building can also be accommodated the Rain Cape Thatch, for instance, is very easy to use with no level of skills required to fit this to any existing structure but something like the Cogan grass Thatch is best layered and will require some skill to layer and secure to your roof but that is why we are here to help.

Rain Cape Thatch Roofing – Available in 3 Different Sizes

Medium Rain Cape Thatch

Rain Cape Thatch Roofing Medium £35



The first in our series is the Rain Cape Thatch also know as ‘Mexican Rain Cape’. Handmade from sustainable Mexican palm leaves, this thatch roofing has a shaggy exterior which is woven at the back in a diamond-patterned. This detail makes it great for use on an open framework as the underside is just as nice to look at.

Rain Cape Woven Back Detail and Thatch Front

Rain Cape Woven Detail Back and Thatch Front

It is soft and flexible making it easy to place and wrap or fold if you need to. It comes in a range of sizes that can be nailed, stapled or tied into place in single or double-layers if you want a fuller appearance or your roof is larger than the size of the rain cape.

Extra Large Rain Cape Thatch Roofing

Rain Cape Thatch Extra Large – £130

Each piece comes with a roped woven top that can be folded over and hidden at the apex of your roof but another nice finishing detail is to use a split bamboo pole to cap the top of the thatch and help keep it in place.

Woven Top to Rain Cape Thatch

Split Bamboo Pole for a Roof Apex

Woven Top and Split Bamboo Pole

People always ask how long they should expect the Rain Cape to Last and that is always a difficult question, in more Northern climates where the weather is wetter there will be a degree of degradation but we generally only hear from people topping up or replacing parts of their roof after more 1-2 years of installation. That being said, the wind will ravage your roof if not secured well that is if the birds don’t see it as bedding, the Rain Cape Thatch is the least favourited by birds but there are of course tips for the grass roofing that can be used to deter our feathered friends.

So overall you should get a good lifespan out of your product and only ever need to replace parts or top up on your existing thatch.

Medium Rain Cape Thatch Roofing

Rain Cape Thatch Large – £45

Another frequently asked question is if the Rain Cape or Grass Thatch Roofing is waterproof, the simple answer is that no amount of thatch will keep out the worst of the rain but if you are clever about the structure you are applying the thatch to then you can ensure you and your guests can sit out any storms, especially with a Mai Tai or two!

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