Cheeky Tiki founder Jamie Wilson

In the Beginning

Little Grass Shack formerly Cheeky Tiki was Established in 2001 by founder Jamie Wilson whilst island hopping in the South Pacific.


The Journey

Always searching out the character in life, Jamie was introduced to the idea of Tiki through some locals carving wooden idols, when one woman playfully referred to a carving of the god ‘Tangaroa’ as the ‘cheeky tiki’  because of his state of undress, it was then an idea was born.

Jamie Wilson a surf board and a Kangaroo

Cheeky Tiki

That night, sitting out a tropical storm, Jamie penned his first sketch of Cheeky Tiki, and so it began…

Jamie Wilson

Returning to England, Jamie set up an art studio above a Tiki bar in London where his love of Polynesian culture and Tiki style grew.

Anjy Cameron

Here he met  Anjy, a pop culture enthusiast who grew up on a boat on the great barrier reef and whose wanderlust was gravitating towards the same way of life.


Not ones to follow a trend they started to bring Polynesian styled décor and it’s culture to a new audience and as word spread, so did their client base.

Exterior signage shots of Mahiki, Lola Lo and Kanaloa


Soon they were using their skills designing and creating Polynesian styled interiors for both bars and nightclubs and having a true entrepreneurial spirit, when asked by one client to produce a Tiki mug, they went out, bought a kiln and learnt how to do it themselves, part of their philosophy which runs through the brand today.

Co-founders of Cheeky Tiki Jamie Wilson and Anjy Cameron

The Future

Still travelling to the South Pacific they are constantly looking for new inspiration so they can share the carefree relaxed spirit of the Polynesian lifestyle through their products and so through Little Grass Shack they hope to inspire a new generation to Escape. Create. Live Aloha.