Cheeky Tiki founder Jamie Wilson

In the Beginning

Little Grass Shack formerly Cheeky Tiki was Established in 2001 by founder Jamie Wilson whilst island hopping in the South Pacific.


The Journey

Always searching out the character in life, I was introduced to the idea of Tiki through some locals carving wooden idols, when one woman playfully referred to a carving of the god ‘Tangaroa’ as the ‘cheeky tiki’  because of his state of undress, it was then an idea was born.

Jamie Wilson a surf board and a Kangaroo

Cheeky Tiki

That night, sitting out a tropical storm, I penned my first sketch of Cheeky Tiki, and so it began…

Jamie Wilson

Returning to England, I set up an art studio above a Tiki bar in London where my love of Polynesian culture and Tiki style grew.

Anjy Cameron

Here I met  Anjy, a pop culture enthusiast who grew up on a boat on the great barrier reef and whose wanderlust was gravitating towards the same way of life.


Not ones to follow a trends we started to bring Polynesian styled décor and it’s culture to a new audience and as word spread, so did our client base.

Exterior signage shots of Mahiki, Lola Lo and Kanaloa


We soon used our skills designing and creating Polynesian styled interiors for both bars and nightclubs and having a true entrepreneurial spirit, when asked by one client to produce a Tiki mug, we went out, bought a kiln and learnt how to do it ourselves, part of the philosophy which runs through the brand today.

The Future

We are still traveling to the South Pacific, looking for new inspiration, we have also have now gone on to find their own slice of paradise on the edge of the Costa Rican jungle, building our dream home surrounded by the tropical inspiration that comes with it.

Part of our project includes a new purpose  built 2000 sq ft pottery for all of our ceramics. From here we can keep our costs low and create jobs for our local community.

One of the parts I am very excited about is making a traditionally energy intensive process more environmentally friendly. Our electricity is already over 85% renewable, we hope to use our own water source, all of our pottery waste will be recycled with waste slip and clay from mugs being used to produce other products like tiles, ensuring nothing goes to landfill. I also have been looking at the possibility of in the future, firing Kilns using our own production of Hydrogen using solar and seawater. This is my dream.

For now our main warehouse is now in Southern Spain, supplying all of our worldwide customers , we can also supply ceramics direct from our Costa Rican Pottery

Escape. Create. Live Aloha.