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Tapa Cloth

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This awesome Tapa cloth piece is part of a collection of hand crafted vintage Tongan Tapa cloth from the 60-70’s.

Tapa cloth is not a woven material, but made from bark that has been softened through a process of soaking and beating. The inner bark is taken from several types of trees or shrubs, often mulberry and then layered to make a stiff fabric. Each piece has a unique design specific to the islands it is from and the decoration is applied with paints and vegetable dyes of light brown, red, and black.

Tapa cloth is perfect as decorative accents throughout your Tiki Bar. You can drape it over bamboo or rattan furniture, hang it on walls as tapestries, or use it as tablecloths or runners. Alternatively, you can get creative with DIY projects using it as a wall covering, to upholster cushions or pillows and even craft lampshades, check out our blog post for more details on ‘How To’!

This collection we bought from a collector back in the year 2000 whoes wife was Tongan, he had been part of a political envoy there so each piece we know is genuinely hand crafted from Tonga and still in beautiful condition.

If you require a specific size, we do have some larger pieces that we can sell by the Square Foot (Square feet due to the nature of the designs on the tapa cloth) so email us: with your requirements and we can see what we can do.

Incorporating vintage Tongan Tapa Cloth into your Tiki Bar you can create an immersive tropical experience that transports your guests to a bygone era of Polynesia adding the spirit of aloha in every detail of your Tiki Bar.

Product Features:

  • Hand-made Vintage Tongan Tapa Cloth piece, dating back to the 1960/70’s
  • We have taken every measure to try and photograph the detail of each piece bt being hand made in layers can present frays, holes and inconsistent thicknesses that are characteristic of this type of cloth.
  • Size: 327cm x 127cm = 4.15 sqm approximately 
  • Care and Maintenance: Vintage Tongan Tapa Cloth requires delicate handling to preserve its integrity. Avoid direct sunlight and excessive moisture, as these can cause fading and deterioration.

Additional information

Dimensions 327 × 137 cm