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Ceramic Wall Hanging

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Hand made in our very own potteries here in London this Chinese Jade Wall hanging comprises 3 handmade decorative ceramic tiles strung together using natural twine. Each tile is totally unique and the glaze used reacts differently on every piece giving a really interesting and individual look. They are ready to hang and are relatively heavy so a strong hook would be recommended.

Each unit comes as a set of 3 tiles, 3 sets are shown in this shot.

Each set of 3 are totally unique and each tile is different but has been selected to sit as a nice selection together but no two sets will be the same and the product will vary from that shown for that reason. They are made specifically as a wall hanging which means they have unglazed patches on the backside of the tiles and cannot be used as a screen.

The single tiles are produced in a different way and can be used as a screen, please contact us for more information.

***We currently have a queue for this item so we have taken this out of stock but if you wish to know when you can purchase them please call (0044 (0)207 241 0742 or email us ( for more information?


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Dimensions 105 × 25 × 4 cm
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