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Ceramic Tiki Mug The Pink Flamingo – Hand Painted


Ceramic cocktail mug Flamingo.


As part of our new range of Tiki mugs, we have designed our very own Pink Flamingo Tiki Mug, this iconic bird is now part of a wide range of cocktail mugs that we hand make here in our pottery in London. This particular version of our pink Flamingo Tiki Mug has a hand-painted finish to highlight the eyes and beak detail.

Using a method called slip casting we hand-pour the moulds to create a piece that is known as greenware (unfired), we then use fettling tools to remove the seams from each piece before the first firing in the kilns to produce bisque, a piece that we can then hand paint. Once they are hand-painted they are dipped in this pale pink glossy glaze before their final firing in the kilns up to 1000 degrees.

Product Details:

Dishwasher safe.
The capacity of each mug is 14 FLOZ or 400ml approximately
Approximate size 17 cm in height and 7cm in diameter
Hand made in the UK

Please bear in mind that as these are all made by hand the colour/glaze finish may vary slightly from that depicted.

Additional information

Dimensions 17 × 8 × 17 cm

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