Papuan Gope Board


Wooden decorative wall carving.


Made from discarded canoes ‘Gope’ boards are Papa New Guinean wooden shields carved in relief and then painted with lime(white) and red ochre that depicts the face of an ancestral spirit. These boards were often awarded for acts of bravery in battle and were also used to display skulls won in battle!

These replica carvings are just as unique in size, shape and design, no one the same. They are hand carved and painted using the same traditional techniques too.

Each piece is listed due to their variation, this one being 2.2m tall x 25cm at it’s widest point. each board comes with the handle of the shield at the back which means the profile is 13cm in depth.

The painting technique leaves a chalky finish and residue when touched a rustic finish should be expected.

This is an oversized item which will be reflected in the shipping.


Additional information

Dimensions 220 × 25 × 13 cm
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