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Our Nippa Thatch Roofing Tiles are the perfect way to create you very own tropical hideaway. Be it a Tiki bar, shed or garden structure this Tiki Thatch will add a slice of paradise to your garden. The Nippa Thatch is a traditional Pacific Island roofing material which is made from cabbage palm leaf wrapped around a bamboo dowl. The leaves are harvested then dried and wrapped around a dowl before being secured using twine. The tiles should be layered to create a shower proof cover and once in place will give the perfect Tiki Bar vibe.

Product Features

• Nippa Thatch Tiles
• Sold as a pack of x 5 units
• Suitable for use indoors and out.
• Approximate dimensions: Width of thatch tile 120 CMS / length (from the dowl to leaf tip) 45
CMS to 65 CMS.


We recommend layering these thatch panels at 30 CM intervals for the best overall look. They can be easily cut to size width ways and attached using nails onto a bamboo frame or wooden structure. Layering should start from the bottom edge of the roof and finish at the highest point. To finish we recommend using a split half bamboo pole to cover any joins.

How long will it last?

It is difficult to say but in Northern climates there will be a degree of degradation from the wet and windy weather, but we generally only hear from people wanting a top up after 1-2 years of installation. To stop the wind and the birds seeing it as bedding you can always add a net or mesh to secure it.

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Additional information

Dimensions 120 × 80 × 8 cm
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