Mai’a Leaf Bowl – Green


Tropical ceramic leaf bowl.


Want to add a hint of the tropical interiors trend to your hut? Our new Mai’a leaf bowl is perfect for salads, fruits or just as decoration. Hand made here in our workshops this vibrant green serving dish takes it’s inspiration from the humble banana (Mai’a) and is set to sit at an angle to show the interior detail.

Polynesian and Hawaiian legend tells many stories of the Mai’a. It was known as one of the ‘canoe plants’ that the Polynesians took when exploring vast stretches of the pacific ocean in search of new islands, Hawaiian legend tells of Mai’a being kinolau, the body form, of Kanaloa, the Hawaiian god of healing. But their use in food preparation and cooking was the perfect inspiration for our new table top range.

Gifting plants for times of scarcity is also the Hawai’i way, so perhaps this could just make the perfect gift too.

Dimensions: 52cm in length, 20 cm wide and 14cm tall.

Dishwasher safe. Colour / glaze finish may vary slightly from those depicted.

Available in two colours and also as a serving platter.

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Dimensions 52 × 20 × 14 cm
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